Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year Faisa Egge’s tips on entrepreneurship

  1. Dare to try. Try new things, learn and be persistent. Believe in yourself – you can do anything!
  2. Ask for help and get the information you need. Finland has good systems in place: remember to apply for support from the TE Office and to ask for advice from their advisers.
  3. Focus on your own work, work hard and do your work well.
  4. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks.
  5. Enjoy the journey and small moments of success. Make note of the small impact your work has.
  6. Focus on your chosen field and your special areas of competence. Tax returns and bookkeeping are time-consuming and a hassle. Don’t try to save money by doing everything yourself. Hire an accountant and you’ll sleep better.
  7. Remember that dreams can come true!

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